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Inside VC: Repeatable Processes with Clint Korver Part 1


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Clint Korver is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a Silicon Valley seed stage venture firm investing in enterprise IT, FinTech, and startups led by diverse founders. An expert in decision-making under uncertainty, he designed Ulu’s investment process to combine data and intuition to minimize cognitive biases, reduce risk, and produce better, more consistent returns.

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3 Valuable Insights

  • Venture Capital industry is the poster child for cognitive bias. 
  • How to use an analytic process to make decisions. 
  • How to have diversity as an investment theory.


Show Notes

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[2:43] There is a myth in Venture Capital, that to be a good Venture Capitalist you have to have the "magic".

[5:57] 2.5% of Venture deals in the U.S. generate all the profit in the industry.

[10:26] Not only have we built a decision making framework, but we've built a learning framework.

[14:10] If you look at the risk and return of invest, each later stage investment you make has late stage risk return, but if you look at early stage, seed-series A, RRI is around 20%.


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