Marketing in the time of recessions with Zac Gregg of Vital Design

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Recession Marketing with Zac Gregg of Vital Design


What will marketing look like, in this time of crisis? Zac Gregg from Vital Design talks to Simon Severino about Recession Marketing in the time of the global crisis. Zac Gregg is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vital Design, a New Hampshire-based design company that focuses on brand, strategies and content. Learn more about how he helps companies thrive.

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3 Valuable Insights

  • Implementation of the concept "People, Process, Product".
  • The future of digital marketing.
  • How to reallocate spending budgets for sales and marketing in your business for this time. 



Show Notes

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[3:06] We've been through this before. We think we're going to have to do everything we can to cut, but we recognize the opposite as true.

[6:45] Clients learned the lessons of the time on how to be good marketers, pouring tons of money into marketing.

[10:10] All they know is sales, so they think if they hire more sales people, they'll get more sales. But marketers are actually creating pipelines and leads through organic methods in channels and assets that they already own.

[14:25] In order to be profitable how much should I put into sales and marketing?

[17:34] If you don't have a good machine underlying the webinar, you aren't going to get good leads from that webinar. You need people to accept what is happening and address what they are addressing. 


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