Founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints

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In 18 years of entrepreneurship, I've led hundreds of strategy teams and experienced many go-to-market campaigns.

I’ve scaled businesses over many countries and industries. I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs do the same and my work has been viewed by millions of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Today, I help entrepreneurs scale their business in a way that brings freedom & fun. I'm excited to help you.


Creator of the Strategy Sprints® Method

Seventeen years of growth advisory from San Diego to Sydney with the most impactful executive teams on the planet. Trusted by Google, Crayon, Consilience Ventures, Amgen, DMB., Symrise, Abbvie and many more. The best tools and templates became the 274 templates of the Strategy Sprints® Method. The Certified Strategy Sprints® Coaches around the world do only one thing: make firms easier to run.

Global Speaker and Scale Up Expert

His Keynotes on Market Strategy, Sales Strategy and Scaling Up can be found on +300 podcasts and +250 conferences. He talked at TEDx, at Google, on Entrepreneurs on Fire, and is weekly on 5-8 podcasts.

Writes about Market Strategy and Sales Strategy on Forbes and Entrepreneur. Forbes Business Council Member.

Our certified Strategy Sprints® coaches do only one thing: make your company irresistible to clientseasier to run, and immune to competition.

Your company: Double Your Revenue in 90 Days.

We have worked with 524 CEOs to gain market shares in sprints.

Our Certified Strategy Sprint Coaches have 116 years of cumulated entrepreneurial experience.

This is how it feels to Strategy Sprint


Our Team 

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Simon Severino

🚀 Superpower 🚀 

Founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints, Simon teaches Growth Strategy at select MBA courses across Europe. Host of the Strategy Sprints podcast. TEDx Speaker, Contributor at Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Michelle Cruz

😎 Superpower 😎

Dedicated customer success advocate known for her stellar customer focus  with extensive background in quality assurance and project management and a holistic view on authentic success concepts.

Zach Mobius

🏋️‍♂️ Superpower 🏋️‍♂️
SaaS Sales

Global Strategy at Uber Eats, helped close $500M in Enterprise Sales. Mentor in building B2B SaaS Companies. Experienced B2B Go-To-Market strategist and executor. Loves helping B2B SaaS teams close more deals and scale faster. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Ksenija Frelih

🏄🏻‍♀️ Superpower 🏄🏻‍♀️

Ksenija upgrades every business until it sparks joy. Experienced Quality Manager. Certified Systemologist. Decades of experience in Lean and Automotive. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Todd Snyder

🔥 Superpower 🔥

Our "Distraction Killer". Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Cofounder of Marketing Company, Private Thinking Partner to Digital Entrepreneurs Around the World.  Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Sunil Chandiramani

📈 Superpower 📈
High Growth Strategy

25 years with Ernst & Young LLP, including leading the Global Innovation Strategy for EY Global. Expert in Financial Services, Government and Technology. Member of Advisory Boards in Finance, Tech, Government. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Thomas Norman

📖 Superpower 📖

Californian Professor of Management. Former Sales Manager at Procter & Gamble. AB cum laude from Harvard. Aligns talent and strategy to accelerate organizational effectiveness. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Markus Kienberger


Former Head of Google AT. Passionate about Creative Culture. Senior Business Leader with 20 years experience in Digital, Media & Technology, Marketing & Sales. Experienced in Digital Transformation, Hiring, Management, Sales. 

Rudolf Pöhl

🦚 Superpower 🦚

Former Sales for Coca-Cola, First investor in BitPanda, a Crypto Investment Pioneer. Sold some of his companies, but refuses to relax.
Top expert on Amazon Ads done right. B2B Sales guru. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.


Yvonne Pirkner

Superpower ✨
Customer Experiences

Former Head of Innovation at ÖBB. Leader in the Service Design Field, passionate Yoga Teacher and Design thinker. Experienced Keynote speaker, builder of Creative Spaces, enhancer of Customer Experiences. 

Georg Stampfl

🏢 Superpower 🏢
Business Model Innovation

Company Builder, Real Estate Expert, PhD on business model innovation. We call him "Real-Time Georg" that's how quick he builds things. Expert in Transportation, Real Estate, Rapid Prototyping, Buisness Model Innovation.

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Erich Schönleitner

🧉 Superpower 🧉
Retail Brands

Author, Athlete, Executive Coach. 30+ years experience as a CEO. 10+ years in Advisory Board roles. Experienced in buying, merging and selling companies. Advisor to CEOs in Finance, Sports, Media, Food & Beverages. 

Lukas Zenk

🤯 Superpower 🤯

Assistant Professor for Innovation and Network Research, Deputy Head at the Department of Knowledge and Communication Management, Head of the Research Lab Collaborative Creativity and Innovation.

Karen Gordon-Brown, MBA

💎 Superpower 💎
 Lean Management

San Francisco's Green Tech and Film Industry expert. She helps californian CEOs make better choices. Certified in Lean Management. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Laurenz Awater

🐲 Superpower 🐲
 Executive Teams

Dr Laurenz Awater has a deep understanding of Chinese culture and has been successful in building high performing teams. His unique experience and knowledge will help you to grow your team faster and stronger. Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach.

Gregory Wendt

🌿 Superpower 🌿
Capital Markets Strategy

Family Wealth Strategy. 30 years in private financial advisory. Green Economic Development. Member SVBS, Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. Integrating wisdom traditions, personal development and human evolution into every engagement.

Global Partners

Grow with Google

Strategy Sprints & Google
help SMB's grow via dedicated education and implementation activities.

👉 Find out more here


Consilience Ventures

Consilience Ventures & Strategy Sprints
help deep tech high growth b2b start ups from preseed to Series A scale faster using smart contracts and the data driven venture capital ecosystem.

👉 Find out more here


Forbes Business Council & Strategy Sprints 
contribute insights and tools on how to run a company, scaling up and creating systems that run themselves.

👉 Find out more here


Duke CE & Strategy Sprints
purpose is to help leaders get ready for what’s next in the midst of uncertainty. We primarily do this through our custom leadership programs, consistently ranked at the top by the Financial Times and Business Week.

👉 Find out more here


Entrepreneur & Strategy Sprints
 collaborate on an exclusive program of selected industry leaders. We share insights on sales, growth and agile strategy.

👉 Find out more here

M&A Business Advisors

M&A Business Advisors & Strategy Sprints
help business owner buy and sell firms. Their clients achieve superior valuation and prices using the Strategy Sprints® Method.

👉 Find out more here


Metal & Strategy Sprints
host a weekly METAL show called “Sales Booster” helping leaders in Media, Entertainment and Technology scale their businesses.

👉 Find out more here

Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

SVBS & Strategy Sprints 
increase the quality of deal flow access,
enables cross-stage capital flows and helps minimize
execution risks in technology startups.

👉 Find out more here

Sprint with us to find out what you are capable of. Design your desirable future.

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