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Agile Strategy Execution Guide with Jeremy Fleming


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This guy is such a sprinter! Fleming and co lost 2.5 million during Corona. Rebuilt his business from scratch in one week! Stagekings and Jeremy Flemings were designing and producing massive structures for Music and Arts Festivals. They pivoted to delivering WFH desks. Now they are pivoting again to deliver furniture for back-to-the office people. Jeremy is an inspiring leader, and a real sprinter. Check out this episode.



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3 Valuable Insights

  • How to revamp your business in 48 hours and how to deal with a crisis.
  • How to be customizable and agile while also being profitable.
  • How to react to crisis without losing everything.


Show Notes

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[3:14] We had grown to be a big player in the custom stage building market in Australia. 

[4:59] Everything was cancelled between March and September and we calculated that to be about 2.5 million Australian dollars.

[8:32] I have to admit I actually also cried and it was a horrible time and we didn't know how we'd get through it.

[10:13] You let go of the old vision and went to where the real need is, from the need for concert entertainment to the need for healthcare.

[11:02] Can we make gym equipment, like little ninja warrior courses in people's backyards?

[12:10] That was Sunday, but Monday he had designed two desks, a normal desk and a stand up desk.



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