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What Companies Can Learn from this Pandemic with Jeremy Fleming

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

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This guy is such a sprinter! Fleming and co lost 2.5 million during Corona. Rebuilt his business from scratch in one week! Stagekings and Jeremy Flemings were designing and producing massive structures for Music and Arts Festivals. They pivoted to delivering WFH desks. Now they are pivoting again to deliver furniture for back-to-the office people. Jeremy is an inspiring leader, and a real sprinter. Check out this episode.



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3 Valuable Insights

  • One new thing business can learn about: consumers need a lot of time
  • Manufacturing locally is the future of business.
  • Examples of building relations to the people you seek to serve, building a reliable community.


Show Notes

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[1:05] The key to learning: honesty and being open. We've made mistakes and I'm quick to go to social media and let people know what's working and not. We're very open and honest with our customers.

[2:59] We've already pivoted again making "return to work" furniture. 

[4:01] Countries are becoming more self-sufficient and shopping local and supporting local industry, it's becoming stronger here in Australia, as I'm sure it has in other countries. 

[6:27] What Red Bull really stands for... and what the product really is.

[6:50] You built a movement and a brand that serves the movement. The products isn't your main asset, it's the movement, the audience. 

[7:52] It's not what you build, it's what you stand for.


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