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How to Pivot Quickly with Jeremy Fleming

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

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This guy is such a sprinter! Fleming and co lost 2.5 million during Corona. Rebuilt his business from scratch in one week! Stagekings and Jeremy Flemings were designing and producing massive structures for Music and Arts Festivals. They pivoted to delivering WFH desks. Now they are pivoting again to deliver furniture for back-to-the office people. Jeremy is an inspiring leader, and a real sprinter. Check out this episode.



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3 Valuable Insights

  • Recovering quickly from crisis and the preparation that makes it possible.
  • Making a new project without marketing research and testing.
  • Making a story that people connect to while pivoting dramatically. 


Show Notes

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[1:43] We know as an organization that we always build different structure so we're always thinking about how we can do things different and attack a new project.

[2:41] We are prepared to do whatever it takes to get a project done, all the time.

[4:29] Within 48 hours from idea, we were fabricating.

[5:42] I wrote an open letter just telling people that we need to change for now, we have no events and we need to keep people working and I put it on social media and it went viral. 

[6:25] The big part of it was our story and people really connected with our story and wanted to support that.

[7:26] We looked at it as another project, from the outside it looked like a very big change in what we were doing and I'm sure that's why people connected.

[8:42] Build it, test it, go live.

[10:25] The information came with the action. The action clarified the data.


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