Doubling your business in a disaster with Jeremy Fleming of Stagekings

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Doubling Your Business in a Disaster with Jeremy Fleming


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This guy is such a sprinter! Fleming and co lost 2.5 million during Corona. Rebuilt his business from scratch in one week! Stagekings and Jeremy Flemings were designing and producing massive structures for Music and Arts Festivals. They pivoted to delivering WFH desks. Now they are pivoting again to deliver furniture for back-to-the office people. Jeremy is an inspiring leader, and a real sprinter. Check out this episode.



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3 Valuable Insights

  • How CO-VID and the pandemic saved our business and gave us a whole new level of business
  • How to keep your team motivated through a crisis, through the cleaning up and then getting to back to 100%
  • Using social media to ask your customers what they need and what you can provide for them and how to really connect with your audience.


Show Notes

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[1:42] You doubled your business in 6 weeks? Even less.

[3:42] You see the gap between the traditional way which is not ready to adapt and your way which is to adapt.

[4:30] There are really only 2 things a organization needs to do: making current clients happy and getting new clients.

[5:48] We went out to the industry and said we really want to help you guys and anyone that wants to help, we'll use all you guys. And they're really motivated to be working again.

[8:07] How is it possible that you and your team can react so quickly?


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