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AI and Empathy with Minter Dial

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020

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Minter Dial is a globally renowned professional speaker, multiple times award-winning author and consultant on Leadership, Branding and Digital Strategy. He has given over 500 talks and seminars to audiences in five continents and was ranked top 3 speaker at the Adobe EMEA Summit 2014, 2015 and 2016. Minter’s core strength is making strategies come to life through his experiential activation programs. He is regularly cited or voted as a top influencer in marketing, B2B and new tech: BrowserMedia Top 100 2019, ExoB2B Top 30 in 2019, Top Digital Marketing Influencer 2019.



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3 Valuable Insights

  • How to make your AI more effective for your business as a CEO
  • The possibility of empathy in your AI and using it for customer interactions
  • How team diversity can increase empathy in a company.


Show Notes

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[2:16] Do you as an individual have empathy? That's why it all starts with you.

[4:16] I really do try to have a habit of doing two things: I want to meet a green person, someone I don't know. And I want to make sure everyday I've given off good value to the world.

[7:34] First of all, empathic AI doesn't exist. It's a dream for now.

[11:37] The idea of empathy and AI is that there can be much better empathic AI, but before you go there, check in with yourself, with your team.

[13:59] If your voice is horrible, then I would not suggest you do the podcast. Having a good voice in people's ears, that's what counts.

[16:10] In the old days you could go to the share holders and say we've had a great year, we've had 16% growth, we've just 1000 heads, we've reduced our headcount. This is how farmers talk about their cows. In the old days, employees didn't really hear about that. Now everything's out.

[19:14] If you start thinking you need to get everything right in the beginning, you'll never get anywhere. Perfection is the biggest killer of action.

[21:35] I have the notion of giving away value everyday and the podcast is about meeting exceptional people and then recording that for the world to listen to.

[23:15] I don't want this to be a painful experience for me. I want to make sure they're happy to be doing it. And it's with empathy and not with a stalking-kind of feeling.


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