Strategy Sprints – CEOs sprint with us to accelerate growth.

Robust Theme

“I did the 90 Day Strategy Sprints. I want to give you an advice. Implement the assignments your Sprint Coach gives you every week. It will turbo-boost your growth, believe me!”

Michael Toms

"CEO Asset Up"

“I worked with Strategy Sprints to define the Strategy of a whole business segment of a Blue Chip Medical Company. We moved forward in a fast and efficient way. I recommend the Strategy Sprints to anybody who values precise and quick help and solutions!”

Stefan Helm

Managing Director, HelmCare

“The Strategy Sprint really matched it’s name. We got our game up really fast!”

Andreas Fraunberger

CEO Junge Römer

“The Sprint gave us direction, focus and pace! It helped a lot our business verticals to steer in the desired direction. It provides focus for our business activities every quarter.”

Gerald Aschbacher

Head of Strategy, Greentube

“We did a lot of Sprints, and the business results were great. We look forward to many more Sprints with you. Keep Sprinting guys!”

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Symrise AG

“The Strategy Sprint is the Netflix of Courses. If you run a business, I definitely recommend that you work with Strategy Sprints!”

Salvatore Caristo

Shipbuilding Industry

“In the 90 Day Strategy Sprint we created the right marketing and sales systems for our business. Our revenue went up by 50% from month one to month three”

Gerald Doblhammer

Founder Stay On Track

“The Strategy Sprints™ Method has doubled our sales in just 90 days! If you are an agency, call the sprinters”

Jaime Pazmino

CEO of Moonroi

Successfull business growth

"Strategy Sprints are the kings of automation in consulting. If you think about scaling your services, look no further. Sprint!"

Joachim Schwendenwein

Founder of 21st Sustainable Futures

Became radically customer-centered

"The path to reach our ambitious goal of becoming radically customer-centered and agile was absolutely well designed and supported by Simon and his corporate transformation team."

Karim Tsouli

CIO of Creditplus Bank AG

Excellence, love, patience

Great job Simon. As a consultant I know that consulting consultants is a master class discipline. I am still impressed how you guided us through our strategy process with excellence, love and patience.

Sabri Eryigit

Managing Partner, Cidpartners

Great sparring partner

"As a high-performance corporation we seek constantly to challenge our patterns, change and transformation processes are part of our daily and future work environment. Improving client satisfaction and meeting our customers´ needs play more important roles than ever before. Combining strategic thinking with high empathy the Strategy Sprints team is a great sparring partner for us in the industry."

Elisa Meyer

Senior Business Unit Manager, AMGEN

"Our monthly strategy team with Strategy Sprints formed the place where we could craft and align our main global activities. The clarity and decisiveness we gain in the strategy team is key to our mission of delivering the highest quality and service in the industry."

Hubert Palfinger

Founder of Palfinger AG

Created Value for Food Solutions

"The strategy sprints team challenged us in a row of sprints to go from business idea to results in only one day. They are excellent partners combining industry experience with a fresh mindset helping us creating value for food solutions."

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Beverages CEE, Flavor Division EAME, Symrise AG

High impact in short sprints!

"The sprint habit requires and fosters a high level of awareness and trust. In short cycles of intense sessions we were able to foster collaboration and ownership. High impact in short sprints! "

Jan Meyer

Head of Strategy and Transformation, Deutsche Telekom IT

Huge business success

"For us the sprint was a huge business success. The main hypothesis was falsified, and we immediately used the new information to create a new brand prototype that matched the needs of our client segment much better."

Michael Bluemel

Brand Manager, Gaming Industry

Tangible outcomes and all dots connected

"If you think that serious, tangible outputs and fun are per definition contradictory, you haven't yet attended a workshop with Simon and Lukas. Many thanks for an inspiring, entertaining and to-the-point strategy workshop that mentally, and physically has connected the dots."

Stefan Kraft

Department for E-Governance and Economics, Donau University Krems

We achieved a better customer solution

"Special thanks to Simon and Lukas for an exclusive and intensive workshop in which we were able to practically apply strategy design as well as the use of innovative problem solving methods. With these knowledge and methods we can provide even better digital solutions for our customers."

Markus Kley

Head of Service and Consulting, Bechtle AG

"Simon enabled us to bring our company strategy to the next level. He supported our creativity and productivity in a light and easy manner without pushing us. At the end of the day we were far beyond our expectations. Thank you."

Swantja Allmers

Consultant and Business Partner at Cidpartners

"Strategy Sprints enabled our team to have meaningful discussions on what matters, in a safe and trustful setting. They are a great host and quickly adapted to our needs on spot. Thank you for your support!"

Julia Zirn

Consultant & Agile Facilitator, Cidpartners

"TOP Strategy Advisors. You will find useful tools to improve your business strategy. Especially the simplicity of the clarity card & the innovation card impressed me! They REALLY live what they preache. Authentic, Fast, Reliable."

Alexander Dumschat

Dumschat & Network

"Strategic thinking with high empathy."

Isa Meyer

Senior Business Unit Manager General Medicine, Amgen

"Simon gave a keynote in our strategy offsite about turning risks into opportunities. It was inspiring and motivating, and the methods he used were both effective and fun."

Wolfgang Artner

Head of Sales Extern, OBB TS

Created Value for Food Solutions

"The strategy sprints team challenged us in a row of sprints to go from business idea to results in only one day. They are excellent partners combining industry experience with a fresh mindset helping us creating value for food solutions."

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Beverages CEE, Flavor Division EAME, Symrise AG

Created and tested in one sprint

"Our vision to develop sustainable success with our partners is extremely well supported by the Strategy Sprints team. Why talking around it, if we can create value and test it in one sprint?"

Siegfried Schwaiger

Managing Director Eastern Europe Flavor Divison EAME, Symrise AG

"The Sprint Programme has created more positive change in our company than any other initiative. Thank you Sprints Team and Simon!"

Alexander Kalchmann

Head of Marketing & Communications, Greentube Internet Entertainment

"The Strategy Session was extremely helpful to set the main direction and decisions for our business strategy, and it was also a great time. Thank you so much, Strategy Team!"

Karin Schmalriede

CEO Foundation Ludwig-Lawaetz

Excellent results

"With both sensitivity and considerate humour, Strategy Sprints is working efficiently alongside the client towards excellent and satisfying results even under complex and challenging conditions."

Beate Färber-Venz

CEO Venz Logistics

A great experience!

"Our branding and market positioning workshop with Simon was inspiring and educational. A great experience!"

Carla Ponds

Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics Nederland BV

A healthy city

"The successfull design and implementation of a governance system for a healthy public financial system was guided by the governance and strategy principles we learned in Simon Severino’s international eMBA class."

Gregor Masshardt

CFO City of Bern, Switzerland

"Strategy sprints enabled our team to have forwarding discussions on key matters. They are a great host and provided a safe and trustful setting."

Nicole Traxler

ERSTE Foundation

"Super smart, genuine, creative and fun! Recommended sincerely." 

Lisa Bloom

CEO of Story Coach

Highly engaging solutions

"Simon & his team constantly adapted the content based on our needs, which was motivating, highly engaging and much applicable. Thank you a lot.

Verena Thiel

HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Business Consultant

Gave me clarity

"Simon was a great coach that gave immediately implementable advice during our coaching session. As someone relatively new to the startup scene, that 1 hour with him was worth more than the education I got from books on marketing. The tools from Strategy Sprints also gave me clarity and are ones that I will keep using going forward. I highly recommend Simon and his team."

Win Ee Chun

Neuroscience and Behavioral Design Industry

Boosted my business

"I highly recommend the Sprint University to anybody who wants to level up her/his game. I took an innovation course, the videos and exercises were really helpful, I started working on my company’s business development topics and we tested new ideas and grew as a team."

Andreas Fraunberger

Managing Director, Junge Römer

Delivers more consistent results and also cuts costs

"Simon has an excellent approach to Doubling Sales Revenue in 90 days.  He couples this with systemizing the business-critical systems to both deliver more consistent results, but also cuts costs. The twin impact is to Increase Net Profits over that span. The systems, once established and fine tuned, can be scaled to achieve growth going forward. Simon's team of experts have delivered real results, not just book theory. If you own a business, and are serious about sustaining growth, then contact Simon for at least an interview."

Frank Hood

CEO of Revenue Enhancement Strategies

Massive Sales Improvement

"Massive results in just 90 days. If you want to improve your sales, call the Strategy Sprints team!”

Jaime Pazmino

CEO of Moonroi