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Building Up Brand Credibility

The SPRINT Manifesto

Recently, we’ve been asked about how to increase brand strength. We discussed five elements and I mentioned an additional one, which is writing your manifesto.

Let’s dive into an example, and how you create your manifesto.
This is our Strategy Sprints manifesto, it’s creation was inspired by a time when our impact wasn’t up to par.
We stopped the project and asked “What did we learn from this?”
We put our heads together and figured out what we did wrong.
We learned how to better prepare, answering the questions of “what we are capable of delivering and how we can deliver it?”.

And a list of everything else was created.
Those are:
Things we DON’T deliver.

At the end, we had a checklist of 13 points that we still use when...

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All The Good Stuff

This is a collection of every link we ever shared in our newsletter. All the good stuff in one place. If a link gets broken, just tell us and we’ll repair it in sprinter time.

You rock.  And you are not alone. When I founded 3 years ago, I felt so alone. The second year also. It took me three years to build a team that celebrates progress every week. It is such a relief, and a blessing.

We want YOU to have the same feeling of being seen and supported on your path. Of giving your best every day and receiving much more in return. Of getting tough love that moves you from comfort to sprint mode.

This is why we created the mastermind group.

According to Forbes there are 7 reasons to join a mastermind: 1 Being part of an exclusive community. 2 Advisement. 3 Collaboration. 4...

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8 Steps to a Badass Presentation


#AskSimon 7

“Hey Simon, I am Erin from San Diego. As a product manager, I am asked more and more to speak in front of a bunch of people. Not yet enjoying it, but getting better. Can you share a bit of your preparation process? Some tips and tricks?”

“Keynote principle: If it seems boring to you, your audience is asleep” Simon Severino (0:26)

In 17 years of advising entrepreneurs from New York to Beijing, I’ve been on hundreds of panels and listened to thousands of keynote speeches. Most of them were pretty boring. A waste of time for the speaker and the audience. Some of them were catapults for the audience and helped them grow wings. So I started to study how the good ones prepare. Here the 8 steps that we currently...

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Have Better Meetings with Douglas Ferguson

Have Better Meetings

with Douglas Ferguson


Check out our Podcast and Youtube Show episodes!


Simon: Welcome everybody to the Strategy Show. This is the second part of our interview with Douglas Ferguson from Voltage Control. This time we’re talking about how to Have Better Meetings. Welcome Douglas! 


Douglas: Hi!


Simon: How are you?


Douglas: Doing well.


Simon: So Douglas, last time we thought and talked about the Design Sprint. It entails one big question, that we want to solve it in five days, with around seven people. It's highly relevant to the strategic matter and we can solve it in five days. But, now let's talk about the “Everyday Meeting”. That thing that sucks up so much of everyone’s time. It’s...

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Improving Brand Awareness


"Hi Simon, this is Sandra from Toulouse. I struggle establishing my brand. What can I do to create a strong brand identity?"


This is always the number one question: What does your brand stand for?

This is always defined by the market.

Who would miss your services or products if they were gone?

Pick out 10. List them!


And now that you have this list, think of their experience with you:

  • What do they tell their spouse?
  • What do they tell their boss?

In every step of the value chain, you have the chance to make the user experience unique in what you stand for:


We think of the value flow as 5 elements

  1. Attract
  2. Nurture
  3. Close
  4. Deliver
  5. Retain


While I walk you through the 5 elements, think of what can you do less? Do differently?


1 Attract

How do...

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You are my hero, inbox zero

The workflow to freedom

When processing your email, the goal is to touch each email only once while it is in your inbox. As you look at each message individually, ask yourself, “do I need to do something with this?” If the answer is “yes,” these email require action, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to deal with it immediately.

Your inbox is essentially a to-do list that other people can write on, but you have the ability to decide what you’re going to do and when. So for each message that does require action, ask yourself: “Do I commit to do this right now?” It is important to remember: you are in control – you don’t have to do it right now. If you decide to action immediately, you can deal with the email and then...

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