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LIVE Coaching with Zac Gregg from Vital Design

This week, Simon gets some strong feedback from Zac of Vital Design in this session of real "Live" coaching. Discussion ensues on clients, website pages, surprise navigation, SEO, and much, much more! Zac Gregg is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vital Design, a New Hampshire-based design company that focuses on brand, strategies and content. Learn more about how he helps companies thrive. 

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3 Valuable Insights

  • Gain insight on how the speed of a site works.
  • Implementing more empathy into a site- you know a lot about you and other people don't know anything.
  • Tangible ways to improve your website,...
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When to give up with Frederik Vollert, Co-Founder of

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Simon: All right, everybody. Welcome Sprinters! Welcome to the Strategy Show. We have a special guest today, an entrepreneur who did the whole thing. He started, he founded, he grew, he scaled. And we can ask him a lot of questions on what to do, when to give up, when to not give up and especially how to scale with success. We will hear the success story of his company, and we can ask all the questions that we have on our journey to successful entrepreneurship. So hello Frederik.


Frederik: Hi Simon. Thank you so much for having me. I'm Frederik. I'm 34 years old. I'm the Co-Founder of and we focus on software localization. And in the past years I've been part of a couple of startup and growth projects and...

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Keep Your Business Healthy - Open Letter to CEOs

Dear Founders & CEOs,

Since we work with business owners in 4 continents, we are gaining first-hand knowledge of coronavirus’ effects on global businesses. Remote work is currently the main answer. But remote alone is no answer, EFFECTIVE remote work is. 

As with all crises, there are some business threats and opportunities at once. The only thing you can control is your answer to it.

Our answer has been cannibalizing ourselves before others do it. We have skilled up and created a 1:1 consulting experience that works perfectly (Client success includes higher EBIT margins and doubled monthly revenues) without any flight, from the comfort of their home offices. Read more.


Many companies have...

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The CEO Weekly Wealth Review with Larissa Kravitz from Investorella

“Money, Honey!” Book link


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Simon: Let's think of the founder. She founded the company. It's going well. We have a survey at the beginning of the relationship with a client, which asks for the basic facts and their finances. And one question is, what's your CEO salary? And the answer is often that they don't have a CEO salary. So first they use their company as a piggy bank and that has more repercussions. One is that when they tell you their profit rate, they are not telling the profit rate because they are not part of the expenses yet. And the second is when you finally give yourself a salary, how do you decide how high it should be? Industry standard, benchmark? Because you are the founder, you can do what you want,...

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5 Investment Hacks with Larissa Kravitz from Investorella

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Simon: Now we go to the part what should we do: the investment tips. 


Larissa: One of them is to definitely start as soon as possible. Even if it is with a small amount because the learning curve is quite long. You're very likely to make a lot of mistakes in your first three to five years of investing, especially if you're a complete novice. If you haven't studied finance, if you don't know anything about the capital markets, then it's best to make those mistakes with a few thousand euros rather than with the money you just collected by selling your company. Obviously it’s a lot more painful if you accrue a lot of losses. The other thing, especially for entrepreneurs, is to take advantage of tax breaks when it comes to...

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Avoid these 5 Investments Mistakes with Larissa Kravitz

Avoid these 5 Investments Mistakes 

with Larissa Kravitz from Investorella


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Larissa: Hello Sprinters! My name is Larissa Kravitz and today we will be talking about investments and finance as an entrepreneur. We'll look at the five biggest mistakes to avoid when investing as a private individual. We'll also talk about the do's of investing, not just as a private individual but also as a corporation. And how to structure finance within your company, be it a fast turnover software, or a service or a consultancy business. Also, how to structure your bank accounts, your cash flow, your liquidity, and everything that is important to financing the scaling and growth of your business. 


Simon: Welcome everybody to the...

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Innovation Narratives with Douglas Ferguson

Innovation Narratives 

with Douglas Ferguson

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Simon: Welcome everybody to the Strategy Show! This is part three of our interview with Douglas Ferguson from Voltage Control. This time we are going to deep dive into how storytelling can enhance innovation. Hi Douglas, how are you?


Douglas: I'm doing well. How are you? 


Simon: Fine thanks! What can we learn from narratives and innovation? 


Douglas: Story: Early on in Voltage Control as we were starting to bring workshops and Design Sprints and other innovation workshops into corporates, I had a CEO purchase a Design Sprint. He wasn't able to attend the Design Sprint so he had another decider, his product manager, and the Sprint went well. They gained a lot...

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*LEAKED* Masterclass: Where is the Bottleneck?

Theory of Constraints



“You are now in our Mastermind….”





Why is the Bottleneck at Closing?



It’s just a symbol.



It’s also a great question because it gives me a chance to explain the theory behind the model.






The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a very helpful theory from somebody that was studying production. 



(Also connects to the second question, on giving an example from operations and factory.)



The TOC model emerged from studying factories and where the inefficiencies were in production and process. 






The man who studied this...

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The Sprint Mindset with Douglas Ferguson

“People often wait around for the “perfect” data.” – Douglas Ferguson

Simon: Hello everybody! Welcome to the Strategy Show! In this episode we are going to interview Douglas Ferguson.

Douglas: Howdy! 

Simon: In this series, we are going to cover three topics: The Sprint Mindset, How to have better meetings, and Innovation Narratives. Welcome to the show Douglas! Where are you right now?

Douglas: I’m in Austin, Texas and it’s a little chilly.

Simon: Can you describe a little bit of what you do to our audience?

Douglas: I run an agency called Voltage Control and we are a workshop agency. We help people run workshops to work better together, reimagine our meeting culture, get past problems we have with making decisions and just face...

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