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How to make passive income staking crypto: CRV Curve. Best Business Coach Series. Simon Severino.


Earning while having preserved energy

It's about passive income. I'm going to share with you over the next days, all the little tactics that I have piled up, sort of now I have a passive income. So while I sleep, I have an earning system and savings system and an investment system working for me. And this is what the channel is all about. Freedom, financial freedom, time, freedom, freedom to do stuff that you really enjoy doing while your energy is preserved. And you have a self-healing mechanisms in your whole business and wealth management systems. So remember earning systems, saving systems, investing systems. Today, we talk how you can stack different little passive income opportunities so that you have, you can have a very nice monthly salary with with small investments...

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How to Invest in Metaverse RENDER #RNDR I The Best Business Coach Series I Simon Severino


Having the best decision making

Hey Sprinters. This Solana conference, 2021 is over. And the hot topic was one project that made me really, really bullish. I did the due diligence and I will share with you here, how I did the due diligence. So the 10 steps checklist that I use whenever somebody says, Hey, this is hot. This is going to be 100 X. I do my own due diligence to decide if, to go in. So I will share the due diligence process. And at the end, I will tell you if I invested in it. And what are the pros and cons of investing in this project? I'm excited about this project because it solves a real world problem. The real word problem is artists creating great work. And this is called rendering. The technique that they need, as you can see here, you need so many...

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How to buy RENDER I The Best Business Coach Series I Simon Severino



Dealing with competitive risks

You want to buy the render token. This is how to do it. But first I want to remind you, it had to, it has to fit your portfolio, construction, your allocation strategy and your entry strategy. If it takes all these boxes. And then if you did your research, which is the 10 steps checklist that I shared the last time, and you did your own research and now you want to buy, all right, knowing that it is a high risk place, because 233 is risky. Everything above rank, 50 is high-risk and there is regulatory risk. There is execution risk. There are many risks there there's competitive risk. Even if execution risk is medium because these guys have shown that they can execute over a year's competitive risk is at the moment low because they are the...

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Should I buy Fantom FTM Is it an #ETH killer I The Best Business Coach Series I Simon Severino


Build your revenue systems

Hey, sprinters! Today, we discuss, should I buy Fantom or not? It's the talk of the town. it's growing immensely. And there is a lot of farm around there. So should you jump in or not? I cannot tell you, but I can tell you what I did if I jumped in or not. And I can tell you the 10 things that are on my checklist and the 10 things that you can go through when you decide to go in the Phantom or not, you have to go into any asset or not. And before we go there, the investment systems, remember you do not invest money that you need. You have an earning system that's working well, that feeds your savings system. And the investment system is where you put only that part of the net profit that you don't need for the next eight to 12 weeks.


Your Risk...

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How Jaime Pazmino doubled his business

Do you believe that your business is ready for growth? 

Do you find yourself trapped IN the business and stretched too thin?

What exactly should we do to smash the shackles and live our dream?


Join Jaime Pazmino and me, as we discuss how collaborating with Strategy Sprints has helped him create his dream life while building and taking his business to new heights at the same time!




Simon Severino and Jaime Pazmino


In the video:

00:23 From political marketer to online entrepreneur

01:40 Focusing on ROI while respecting your client's brand

03:07 Falling in the trap of working IN the business

04:09 Turning a leaf with Strategy Sprints

05:10 The blueprint Lego strategy machine

06:02 Achieve your dream lifestyle while growing your business

06:14 A...

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$150K Additional Revenue in just 90 days with Nadeem Mohammed

Do you want a way to stop having to chase clients for payments? 

How does a lack of focus impact you and your business?

Is it possible to achieve a 400% rise in sales in just 90 days?


In this short interview, Nadeem Mohammed and I discuss how collaborating with Strategy Sprints has helped 123smartPRO soar! Find out how this fledgling company smashed their 3-year projected targets in just 1 year! In addition, Nadeem now also shares his SaaS knowledge as a Certified Strategy Sprints Coach. The ripple effect is strong here and the business world is all the better for it!

                            Nadeem Mohammed and Simon Severino


In the video:

00:14 Meeting the SaaS Whisperer


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Bitcoin Science with Michael Saylor, CEO MicroStrategy

Michael Saylor is the CEO of Microstrategy. He actually named Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset. They initially invested $425 Million into Bitcoin, and Michael personally disclosed that he holds about 17,000 Bitcoin himself, so he’s got a lot of skin in the game. In these beautiful conversations, you'll see why!

This is a transcribed series of 9 interviews Robert Breedlove did with Michael Saylor on the "What is money?" podcast. We have transcribed it here for all you sprinters who find it easier to digest by reading. The 9 episodes are packed with knowledge and wisdom, enjoy!

1/9 Stone Age and Iron Age

Intro [Michael Saylor]: Technologies that are dominating today, they’re dominating because they’re able to deliver ...

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Doing Email Marketing Right with Freddy Lansky

Do you feel like you’re flying blind with your email marketing efforts?

Join acquisition entrepreneur, and social media and inbound marketing specialist, Frederick Lansky as he provides the answers to burning questions like what the most important thing is when building your email list, how to attract more prospects to your courses, and why someone who gives you $10, $5, or even $1 is worth a hundred times than somebody who hasn’t spent any money at all. 


          Simon Severino & Freddy Lansky

In the video:

05:17 How to build a list

06:30 Don't overwhelm your list

07:09 Offer preference updating aside from unsubscribe


07:53 The best place for conversion: Right below the article

08:49 Don't send courses on PDF file


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Profit & Cash Flows | The Strategy Sprints™ Method

Cash flow and profit both imply 'coming in,' however, there is a key difference between them. Profit indicates the amount of money left after expenses, while cash flow shows how much money is coming in or flowing out of a business.


A single metric by which the health of a company can be understood is something investors and business owners often search for. They want to know the one number they should look at to determine whether they should make an investment, or pivot their business strategy. Cash flow and profit, as two critical and related financial metrics, often get pitted against each other: Which is more important?

There is no simple answer because both profit and cash flow are important in their own ways. As an investor, business owner, or entrepreneur, you need to...

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80/20 Sales and Marketing with Perry Marshall

How does sales legend Perry start his day (instead of checking the phone)?
What exactly should we do differently in sales this year?

Join marketing legend, Perry Marshall, as we explore the most pressing issues in marketing and sales today.


Simon Severino and Perry Marshall

In the video:
01:25 Feed your creativity: Don’t start the day with the Death Scroll.
04:10 Do you have the mental space to be 10-15 years ahead of your industry?
04:48 How to make the hours of your day count with tasks that move the needle.

09:20 How to avoid losing $150,000 in 2 minutes.
16:51 Your Marketing DNA, and how to embrace it.
19:50 The core fundamental elements that make sales and marketing people tick.

22:30 Know the vectors to be 10-20x more...

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